Klaudia Maciejek TMB TRAINER, United Kingdom

About Klaudia Maciejek

People who train with me can expect motivation, support, good advice and, of course exercises that allow them to test their own abilities and strengthen the spirit and body.

The closest fitness memory to me is the boxing yoga instructor course, which despite the language barriers at that time and the lack of self-confidence I successfully completed it. I am currently an active instructor of this discipline and I am glad that, fascinated by its idea, I went through the difficult stages.

All people have different needs and different skill levels, different expectations and different barriers to overcome when it comes to sports. I try to take care of each participants training to make them feel comfortable, I give different variants of each exercise, so that everyone can meet their abilities and come for more with pleasure. Such activities have already brought positive results and not only that these satisfied people stay with me and work on other forms of physical activity to improve their overall well-being and entertainment during the routine of everyday life.

Tough Mudder is an amazing event that gives you the opportunity to both compete and cooperate and reach the finish line thanks to the power of the entire team. As a trainer, I want to be sure that the participants will be properly prepared, full of strength and enthusiasm.

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