Tracy Lord TMB TRAINER, United Kingdom

About Tracy Lord

People should expect to have fun, but they will also gain knowledge and power and become inspired to be or to become a pack leader.

I have helped many others find balance in their life through fitness. I have inspired others to ditch old eating habits and to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, as well as helping others find a particular exercise/sport that they enjoy. There are many various ways to find enjoyment through exercise, the trick is to find a trainer who can help you find the person you want to be.

I have many memorable fitness experiences as I have been active in sport from a young age and was the captain of many team sports whilst at senior school. My most memorable fitness achievement though was achieving my brown belt in karate and competing at Crystal Palace for a potential place on the England karate team. This was achieved after I won various heats across the country.

I became a TMB trainer because i love to be inspired by others, I love to inspire others and I love to take part in inspirational challenges and activities that give me a chance to show my passion and love for fitness. I love to see people reach their goals and I feel proud when I have been instrumental in that persons journey to achieving them.

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