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Become a TMB Trainer

We know that training as a community is the best way. As a TMB Trainer you can reach a global audience of 3.5 million people, amplify your business and build your own community.

Start your journey towards becoming a TMB Trainer today and benefit from a wide range of supporting tools and offers.

TMB Trainer benefits


why become a TMB trainer

Stand out from the crowd as a certified TMB Trainer with full access to our high quality training programme and hold your head high in your very own official TMB Trainer kit.

As a trainer you will join an exclusive club, with access to Tough Mudder VIP events and special rates for you and your clients.

Become part of the TMB family. Connect, share and learn from other trainers from across the world, as well as gaining access to learning and development events to further enhance your trainer skills.

why become a TMB trainer
What does it mean to be a TMB Trainer

What does it mean to be a TMB Trainer

Are you ready to be the face of a global brand and to amplify your business as a TMB Trainer? Our exclusive community of TMB Trainers are the frontline in delivering amazing fitness experiences to the Mudder universe. As a TMB Trainer you will take our pledge to help others to connect and develop the skills they need to take their fitness experience to the next level.

How do I become a TMB Trainer

Amplifying your business as a TMB Trainer could not be easier. We have set out three key steps to guide you through joining our exclusive community:

  • Engage with our exclusive online modules designed to guide you through everything a certified TMB Trainer needs to know.
  • Complete our trademark TMB Trainer Test, based on our bespoke training system.
  • Attend a virtual workshop and complete your initiation into the community with the support of a TMB tutor.
How do I become a TMB Trainer


Become a Tough Mudder Bootcamp Trainer Process


The TMB Trainer Programme is aimed at fully qualified fitness professionals. It is designed to provide you with everything you need to align your approach with the TMB philosophy and engage with our growing global audience.

The full programme comprises of three stages, designed as a fully remote, self-paced digital offer, making it possible to engage with us as a Trainee anywhere in the world.

Online orientation

The first step on your journey will be to complete the online orientation.

The online orientation is hosted on our very own digital learning platform and has been designed to guide you through five bitesize modules packed with interactive and reflective learning tasks. Each module is designed to challenge your thinking and help you to push new boundaries as a trainer, as you get to grips with everything that makes a TMB Trainer stand out from the crowd.

Elearning modules

What will you cover?

  • Understanding your learning journey.
  • Pace notes to enhance your learning experience.
  • Our history
  • What it means to be a TMB Trainer
  • Understanding the Tough Mudder brand
  • The TMB Trainer role
  • TMB Trainer Code
  • Our Philosophy
  • The TMB Trainer ‘C System’.
  • The Mudder Journey
  • What’s next

Fitness test

The TMB Trainer fitness test is designed to challenge every trainer across the four components of fitness that make up the trademark TMB workout system.

Find out more about the challenge ahead here:

Online audition

The online audition makes up the final stage of the TMB Trainer Programme. This session is designed to check and challenge your learning so far and provides you with the opportunity to meet a TMB tutor. Finally, we want to ensure we have answered any unanswered questions you might have and leave you feeling a valued new member of the TMB family.

License and Subscription

To become a certified TMB Trainer you need to have an existing fitness qualification, hold relevant insurance, and complete the full TMB Trainer programme. The full programme costs only £99.99 providing you with a 12-month license to utilise the TMB Trainer brand and access to exclusive Tough Mudder benefits.

Note: Your license period starts on full completion of TMB Trainer programme and is not required to be retaken for license renewals.

Become a TMB Trainer today

To become a fully certified TMB Trainer all delegates must be able to evidence holding a nationally recognised Level 2 or above fitness qualification and a valid Public Liability Insurance (£5 millions). This information will be requested at the final stage of your TMB Training Programme and must be maintained as part of any license held. Please note: The eLearning fee (£99.99) is non-refundable. It is the payees responsibility to ensure the appropriate evidence is available at point of completion. If you have any queries check out our FAQs section.