Harriot Whelan TMB TRAINER, United Kingdom

About Harriot Whelan

Expect to work hard, break through self built boundaries, unleash your full potential of fitness and strength all whist having fun and smashing your fitness goals!

From getting clients wedding ready to running a first marathon to getting their first pull up, I have a range of clients with different goals and they all smashed/are currently smashing them!

My most memorable fitness experience so far has got to be completing my first ever Europe's Toughest Mudder! A 12 hour (starting at 8pm and finishing at 8am) max distance of a 5 mile loop with all the Tough Mudder obstacles (even arctic enema at 2am!)

I love Tough Mudder, they make fitness fun and the team work is awesome. I want to help everybody experience it as best they can!

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