Georgia Nicholls TMB TRAINER, United Kingdom

About Georgia Nicholls

When training with me expect a lot of sweat and smiles! I like to keep it challenging but who says it can't also be fun? Whoops and cheers are not unexpected either!

Supporting and inspiring others is a passion of mine, I lead a 24 hour Spinathon to raise money for the NHS during lockdown in 2020. We danced on our bikes all night long with the support of so many friends and family!

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor I love to work with both groups of people and one on one to try and help them build confidence in themselves, improve technique and to achieve their ultimate goals. Helping people to feel mentally and physically strong is my number one priority. Throughout the pandemic I have tried to keep people active by providing free classes and teaching for organisations such as Ourparks.

I am passionate about showing people that, when it comes to exercise, no matter what shape, size, race, age etc you are. If you put your mind to something, work hard, believe in yourself (and have some fun along the way) you can achieve things you may not have thought possible. Even something as challenging as tough mudder! I want to be the trainer to hype you up and show you what you are made of!

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