Lorna Hunte TMB TRAINER, United Kingdom

About Lorna Hunte

I will prepare participants pre a tough Mudder with training to improve endurance, upper body strength and encourage them to work beyond their comfort zone. This training is preferable outdoors to mimic the Tough Mudder experience but can be replicated in a gym setting.

I took part in a full Tough Mudder as it was to be a group of 6 unfortunately by the day of the event it was just me but I completed it in just under 3 hours . The help of others on the course helped me to complete certain obstacles . The atmosphere was unreal

I have helped friends family and clients by giving nutritional advice to help them reach personal goals and inviting them to join me when participating in charity runs. It is also great when the classes I teach report they are feeling fitter and stronger

I love Tough Mudder, I enjoy coaching and this is an exciting opportunity to bring together communities through high quality coaching. I want to help people to feel empowered and be able to feel a sense of achievement.

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