Who we are


We help people crush their fitness goals and lead a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle. We support our passionate and vibrant community of TMB Trainers to connect with more people and amplify their business, through the power of our global brand and the Tough Mudder family.


The Tough Mudder family is made up of 3 main parts. These are events, bootcamps and trainers. At its heart is a thriving community of ‘Mudders’, bound by a pledge based on camaraderie and teamwork – the key principles of the Tough Mudder and TMB philosophy. Hit play on the video for a flavour of what we mean.



Inspiring a movement

In 2005, fitness based events are beginning to grow in the global market. Most early events are similarly decided by cardio-endurance across a limited number of movements with timing and overall rankings being the main outcome. The format is essentially a race, every person for themselves, with a winner and a loser.

But, at this time a group of people imagined a different path for fitness events, as ‘an event’, not a race! Where participants cared less about time and position and more about assisting others, while still challenging themselves. Functional fitness and community would outweigh out-and-out competition, on a course filled with challenges that one could not complete without the support of others. It was asked, “what if there were no clocks, or rankings? What if we could build something as a challenge, to be overcome together?”

This concept was what was going to grow into the world leading brand, Tough Mudder.


Tough Mudder is born

Based on the key principles of teamwork and camaraderie, Tough Mudder was founded in 2010. The first event was held in Bear Creek Ski Resort near Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was promoted exclusively through Facebook advertising and word of mouth, attracting more than 4,500 participants.


The legion grows

By 2016, Tough Mudder had grown beyond a brand and into a movement. Throughout its journey, Tough Mudder has learned that people love functional fitness tests via a variety of challenges.

Tough Mudder events take place on a global scale in over 10 countries and have reached over 3.5 million people (or Mudders, as the community likes to identify as). Tough Mudder’s success is rooted in four pillars, each focusing on a different element that helps to push Mudders to achieve things they never thought possible, with the help of a supportive and fun community.

The pillars are:

  • Courage
  • Personal
  • Accomplishment
  • Teamwork
  • Fun


Survival of the toughest

Tough Mudder noticed that the highest percentage of no-shows for events came from people who were training alone; up to 10% of total entrants had missed the benefits derived from training with others. Staying true to the founding principles of teamwork and camaraderie, the concept of training as a group for events was born.



Tough Mudder Bootcamp is born

Keeping the notion of functional fitness alive, Tough Mudder Bootcamp was launched in 2018 as a studio concept. Centred on the notion of training ‘together’, Bootcamps offered people the opportunity to train to be tough through the trademark TMB Workout System, developed from a combination of tested functional fitness methods and real-world experience.


Our evolution

The year that will never be forgotten, 2020 rocked the world! Responding to the needs of its community members, Tough Mudder Bootcamp unveiled TMB At Home – a state-of-the-art at-home virtual workout. With no need for fancy equipment, these bodyweight workouts keep community members in shape, no matter where they are.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp freed

Following the huge success of the TMB studio fitness concept, we noticed primarily that Trainers and consumers were limiting their options to train as a group inside four walls.

We conceived that TMB should not be restricted by walls and are firm believers that the true champions of the fitness industry are the Trainers – not the businesses behind gyms – and that Trainers should be given the opportunity to offer TMB to their communities on their own terms. It was important we empowered Trainers with the belief and philosophy that fitness and fun are not separate entities, but things that are driven by the power of community.



Tough Mudder Bootcamp Trainer is born

Tough Mudder Bootcamp is alive and kicking with the UK TMB Trainer Programme. You are now able to utilise the power of the Tough Mudder global brand to amplify your own business and take your clients’ fitness experience to the next level.

Like Charles Darwin never said, ‘it is the survival of the toughest’!

Learn more about becoming a TMB Trainer.